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Francis Bacon
Young people are fitter to invent than to judge; fitter for execution than for counsel;and more fit for new projects than for settled business.
To be the foremost platform through which societies positively channel the energies of her youth towards personal and national development in sustainable ways and means.
To create sustainable and value-adding vehicles that creatively empower our youth to achieve their life goals while enriching the larger society.
• Industry
• Creativity
• Respect for authorities
• Honesty
• Equal opportunity


Globally, with the rapid pace of technological Innovations and advancement, the educational infrastructure and content of most countries, especially in those termed as developing, do not keep pace with these changes. Coupled with the economic challenges these countries are grappling with is the added pressure of a rapidly growing population of under or unemployed youth and young adults. This festering pool of able bodied young men and women, sometimes channel pent up frustrations into political agitations which lead to popular uprisings such as the Arab spring, or take to a life of crime.

The size of our unemployed graduates increases every year due to several factors ranging from a severe down-turn in the global economy to an educational system that is not abreast with contemporary market trends and a lack of properly defined and/or executed job creation strategy. Jobs are created by business and businesses are created by entrepreneurs. So it then follows that the more entrepreneurs societies can produce, the more jobs would be created and more people employed.

Our Partnership: A Model That Works

Our approach seeks to create a synergy between the three key communities in the transitional stage from schooling to gainful employment.


Bridge Building Approach


Channel the creative energies of our youth towards activities that address societal issues while providing learning and leadership opportunities for them.

Problem Solving

SEED Seeks to address the challenge of youth unemployment through the deployment of their creative energy towards addressing common societal issues. Working as teams, Students are tasked with proffering solutions to industry specific challenges. Their submissions are vetted and scored by industry experts. Reward and recognition is awarded winning and participating teams.


Build bridges that help students get needed industry skills and experience through partnership with business organizations while in school.

Bridge the Skill Gap

Another way SEED is addressing the question of graduate unemployability, is through partnerships with businesses in the service and product retailing sectors. We identify products and services that fall into the Students market and partnering with brand owners, we get interested students to play a part in its marketing.


Help students develop entrepreneurial traits through starting and transiting such businesses to the larger society seamlessly upon graduation.

Student Entrepreneurial Skills Development

We identify Students who have entrepreneurial inclinations, those who are engaged in any form of sustainable profit making ventures while in school, and provide them with the needed training, tools and support that would help them grow and transit same to the larger society after school. Working in school business clubs, SEED provides them avenues of learning from and being mentored by established brands and players in their chosen area of commerce.

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